The Ultimate Cocktail Facial Serum™


The Ultimate Cocktail Facial Serum™


You asked us to create the ultimate facial serum for repair, renewal, and radiance...

And here it is!!!

The Ultimate Cocktail Facial Serum

This cocktail of ingredients was carefully chosen to help you fight aging at the cellular level with a powerful cocktail of nutrients.

A serum is a lightweight formula that delivers an ingredient boost to your skin care routine.  Each ingredient in our serum is hand picked to create the ultimate cocktail for repair, renewal, and radiance.

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The Ultimate Cocktail Facial Serum is formulated with soothing organic aloe vera.  Hyaluronic Acid makes it so that the serum can hold high concentrations of nourishing ingredients.

You want to make sure your skin is protected throughout the day… not just from UV rays, but from pollutants and free radicals.

Age-fighting Immortelle oil (Helichrysium) to helps to defend skin against environmental toxins, inflammation, and stress during the day.

The Ultimate Cocktail Serum is packed with nutrients CoQ10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid, as well as Vitamins A, B, C & E.  DMAE helps firm and tone the appearance of skin, as well as to calm inflammation.

To top off this power-packed list of ingredients, naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acids aid in cellular turnover and help skin retain its youth.

This combination of nutrients gives your skin what it needs to repair and renew itself. 

This Cocktail has the perfect amount of moisturizing oils and is light enough to wear under makeup.  The formula absorbs deeply, pulling nutrients into the skin. 

Use the Ultimate Cocktail Facial Serum morning and night to defend and support your skin for your most youthful look.

The Ultimate Cocktail Serum is our answer to your need for repair, renewal, and radiance.