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We're are proud to be a small business based out of Southern California. All of our products are sourced and made locally on the west coast.

We appreciate it when our customers take the time to share their experience with Organic Radiance Skincare products. This page contains some of our testimonials, some being online, some as emails, and some who like a good old fashioned phone call (all reproduced with their permission).

Thank you! I have not found anything that really works for rosacea in the last 20 years but this does! I love the rose scent. I will look forward to other products from this company in the future.
— Heidi Sarbacker
Worth every penny! This moisturizer truly balances all of my combination skin issues...dry patches - gone, oily nose - gone, cheek acne - gone. The more and more I research the benefits of raw & organic ingredients, I understand why this product works WITH my skin and not ON my skin.

The cost is understandable if you actually research what goes into creating a natural product. I pay a little more for this but have been able to eliminate other products from my line like face masks, acne creams, etc. I was doing acne treatments 2x a week and now I only do a cleansing mask 1x a month. I have been using this for about 6 months and I’d say it took about a month for my skin to calm down from all the other products I’d been using. It even keeps my face clear during the hormonal imbalance I face each month.

The consistency is great....a little goes a long way. I actually scoop out a small amount into a glass pod which I use daily while the bulk of the cream is refrigerated. I use it under cream make-up and mineral powder make-up. There is no slipping, no clumping....just perfection. I highly recommend it.
— Amazon.com reviewer "L.M."
Travel Sized Skincare Kit

Travel Sized Skincare Kit

I switched my face cream to Organic Radiance. I’ve tried many department store face creams in the past and have not been all that satisfied with them. They left patchy dry spots on my skin and did not help my redness. I’m using Organic Radiance Skincare cream now and love the soft, light and smooth way the product makes my face feel. It has lessened the redness in my cheeks, and I will buy it again.
— Lisa Victoria
I’ve been using the Calming Moisturizer and simply love it! I also like the smell of the face wash and feel of the toner. Thanks to my sister for giving me the travel kit from Organic Radiance Skincare.
— Maria T.
I have rosacea and tried Organic Radiance Skincare’s products. They work quickly and are worth the cost. It’s nice to know that it uses organic ingredients too.
— Lisa Sorrenson
This cream makes my skin feel smooth and alive. Use it cold for am amazing feeling!! I absolutely love this product!
— luvd2hike on Amazon.com
I love Herbe Sois Calming Moisturizer! It has a wonderful rose smell, and it makes my skin incredibly soft.
— Gina Kuhne
Candice, I just can’t express my gratitude for your calming moisturizer. I have loved it since I used it the first time. The redness in my skin has lessened and it feels smoother.
— Marlene Thomas

Field Studies: Prior to launching, Herbe Sois Calming Moisturizer™ we did a field study trial. Participants answered questions about their skin and what they were looking to improve. This study showed that 93% of people who used Herbe Sois would recommend it to a friend or colleague.

Amazon.com Herbe Sois Calming Moisturizer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars. “Three people told me that my skin looked great...”

This is my first product review ever. I HAD to review Herbe Sois because it is the only thing that has ever, ever helped my rosacea. Three people told me that my skin looked great and when asked in what way said that the skin tone was more even and not as red. The big companies with big ad budgets definitely have more resources to promote their products, but this one, above all the others, is the keeper, the winner, and the lifesaver!
— By Jennifer Weinbergon September 1, 2015 Amazon.com

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Found a product that works! I have always been frustrated with dryness and redness inside my laugh lines (near the nose, chin and mouth). I have tried a ton of creams both prescription and non-prescription and have yet to find one that I was happy with. I tried Organic Radiance and within a few days my redness dissipated and I can feel my skin feeling smoother. I finally found a cream that actually works and would definitely recommend this product.
— Keith Tran
Every winter, I have been feeling dry and even pain after moving to S Cal. After using this cream, many people asked me what I am using for my skin. I believe this is the sign of having good skin. Thank you!!!
— Accupuncturist Ryoko Takayama
My friend gave me a jar of your calming cream, and I used it on a patch of dermatitis that I’ve had for several years. I saw a difference after one application and wanted to thank you because nothing else has worked for me.
— Carol Peters
I am currently using the calming moisturizer and it is wonderful. I have noticed that with other moisturizers that they seem to go away after only a little while. Herbe Sois Calming Moisturizer keeps my skin moisturized for a long time. Every time I touch my face it feels smooth. It’s wonderful! I’m going to buy some for my clients as a gift for the holidays!
— Kristi McKenna
Was looking for a cream to alleviate the redness on my face and this fit the bill. It not only got rid of the redness but it made my skin a lot smoother. I love this stuff! Definitely recommend it!
— Amazon.com customer "Nathan T."

Disclaimer: Please see your dermatologist before making any changes to your skin care routine. Organic Radiance Skincare is not intended to treat a medical condition. We do not guarantee specific results. Results may vary.